THJ-clairvoyance offers English-speaking clairvoyance (psychic readings), at your convenience – online, by phone, or through real life sessions in Denmark

“I was absolutely blown away, at how accurate she was. Everything was absolutely dead on. I am super happy with the reading I got. Again thank you” – Elizabeth Sunday-Jacobs

“Thank you Tine for my readings. You picked up on things in my situation, you couldn’t possibly have known. Appreciate your advice” – Ann Mc Goldrick

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THJ-clairvoyance is run by Tine H. Jørgensen

Tine is 60 years old, and from Denmark. She grew up in Africa and India. As an adult, Tine has worked in both Africa and England. She holds an MA in Intellectual History from Aarhus University, and has worked as a Project Manager. Alongside her academic studies, Tine has trained with some of the best spiritual teachers. Since the age of 20, she has studied with eg Irish Clairvoyant, Healer and Meditation Teacher Bob Moore, his student Lars Søndergaard, and a Native North American Shaman. Her education includes 17 years of study in meditation, clairvoyance, healing, crystal healing (she is a certified CMA-approved Crystal Healer). Tine has taught meditation for 23 years, and has worked as a clairvoyant and healer for 11 years

She lives in Denmark, and has an 20-year old son, William. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking in nature, dancing, gardening, and travelling

For clarity on eg. your relationship & job situation: Coaching with clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to see at a deeper level. It can be of great benefit when:

  • Making big decisions
  • Choosing a life direction
  • Honing in on important qualities and abilities, that you possess
  • Trying to free yourself from situations or relationships, where you are feeling stuck, or not free to be yourself, as you are, or need to be

Coaching with clairvoyance can provide greater clarity and a greater sense of inner contentment or peace. You can get a glimpse of deeper perspectives not previously within your grasp. Or reach a higher degree of clarity, as to which path is right for you. The clarity you get, will help you going forward. Tine does not do predictions for the future, but she can help you see your past and your present, in a clearer light

Practical information

Tine reads clairvoyantly, through your name

With your permission, she tunes into your situation beforehand. She needs only your full current name – not a photo, and no background information. If you wish greater clarity on a relationship with a specific person, please provide their full current name as well. Tine cannot ofcourse, tune into someone, who has not, given their permission for her to do so – but she can tune into the relationship between you, and the other person or persons

As the session starts, Tine will tell you, what she has tuned into. This provides a framework, for the session. This blind initial reading, will reveal Tine`s psychic abilities to you. After this, you are free to ask about anything, you would like to get clearer, about. You may also ask about people, who have passed. – Tine will then, circumstances permitting, contact the individuals who have passed, through mediumship

The healing or crystal healing that you receive at the end of the session, will help you to feel grounded, and ready to face the outside world again. If you wish, you will be given an individually suited meditation, with instructions of how to use it. This is a wonderful tool, for you to work with by yourself, at home

Crystal Healing

Healing is about reaching that, which is of essence or importance. It allows you to relax, slow down, and perhaps have one or several Aha-moment – or to experience a letting go of feelings or patterns, that it is time, for you to let go of.

Many clients sense, that healing & crystal healing reach depths of body and mind, that other modalities, such as traditional therapy, do not. Please note, that you may have to have a few sessions, to experience the full potential, healing effect

Practical information

Before a crystal healing session, Tine will, with your permission, tune into your situation through clairvoyance

At the start of a session, she will ask you some questions, to tune into which crystals are appropriate for you, in this particular crystal healing session

At the clinic, you will then lie down, on your back, on a comfortable massage bed with memory foam. You will be fully dressed, and have a sheet or blanket, covering you. Small crystals will then be placed on top of your body, larger crystals around you. Nothing – like eg the laying on of crystals – will happen, without your permission

After a healing session, you are adviced not to plan too rigorous a schedule, for the rest of the day, and you are encouraged to drink plenty of water


  • 1 hour coaching with clairvoyance – 855 kr – €115/£100
  • 30 min coaching with clairvoyance – 490 kr – €66/£57 – The short session is appropriate for a specific, less complex issue, or as a follow up after a previous 1-hour session
  • 1 hour session of crystal healing: 750 kr – €101/£87
  • 30 min session of crystal healing: 390 kr – €52/£45
  • 15 min session of crystal healing: 250 kr –              € 34/£29. This very short session is appropriate for trying out crystal healing, as a very short follow up after a previous 1-hour session
  • There is a discount on buying several sessions: Purchase 3 coaching med clairvoyance sessions or 3 crystal healing sessions, and get the fourth session for free! (both coaching with clairvoyance and crystal healing, can be used as an ongoing, supportive coaching programme). –
  • Receive 1 very short coaching with clairvoyance session: 5 mins: 125 kr – € 17/£15, 10 mins: 225 kr – € 30/£26

(Amounts in Euro and British Pounds are subject to fluctuations in currency)


Buy a giftcard of a 1-hour coaching with clairvoyance or crystal healing, for someone you care about!
The person you gift it to, will receive a beautifully designed giftcard, that can be emailed to them, or to you



Assistance with understanding your pet or animal – for example your horse, cat or dog, – its health condition, and its relationship to you. 
Ofcourse this is a supplement, to the professional advice and treatment of your pet, by your vet.
Please ask for prices


All sessions are offered as online sessions or by phone – as well as in the physical clinic in Aarhus, Denmark

Full discretion 

Please note: If you are forced to cancel your appointment, doing so later than the day before, means paying for the session in full. When you book sessions, you are required to pay the day before. If you do not turn up for an appointment, full payment for the session, is mandatory 

I am looking forward to meeting you!


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